Our Founder


‘Doyin is a Trained Lawyer called as a Solicitor in England & Wales and the Nigerian Bar. She holds a Masters from the Center for Petroleum Mineral Law & Policy from the University of Dundee and a certificate in Finance from Harvard University. She is an astute Power Project Development Professional with Executive Management experience across all value chains of Nigerias Energy &  Electricity Sector. She is a member of several professional Associations.

Doyin has always taken pride in the promotion of her African Heritage and is a passionate lover of music  the arts and local textile. ILE-ARO is a creative expression upon which she leverages the strategy and management competencies gained from her core professional experience.

The ‘Lagos’ in ILE-ARO is an ode to the founder’s connection to Lagos and the inherent “Omoluabi ”  values of heritage which her late father , a Prince of one of the foremost Royal Houses of Lagos, taught her and her siblings to appreciate , respect and preserve. 

The Founder's Inspiration

ILE-ARO Lagos began as a result of the founder’s love and appreciation for traditional Adire fabric which she would pair with other locally made textiles,  as a preferred choice of clothing. 

In the year 2013, she searched the existing ‘market’ but could not readily find dyed fabric pieces that suited her bespoke choice. She proceeded to make these fabrics and outfits by herself, carrying out research and training on how to achieve and improve the various samples she desired.

The bespoke samples she created and wore attracted the attention of her family and friends who began to ask her to recreate some of her pieces for them to purchase.  The idea steadily evolved into a concept that developed into a brand.As a result of the joy and fulfillment experienced with the fabric creation process, ILE-ARO textile and apparel expression  eventually became an embodiment of the passion for art, music lifestyle and heritage -all tied around a desire to preserve the African story in its most beautiful innovative  and elevated form.

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